Membership Fees

Membership fees

Annual membership fees are due from 1st September and must be paid by the end of that month.  Discounts are made for members joining from January onwards.

Payments can be made in cash, by cheque or through internet banking.

The fees agreed at AGM are included in table below.

2019/120 fees

          Membership category Cost (£) Restrictions
Full 130 None
Couple 215 None
Family 230 2 parents and up to 3 children
Country 75 Living over 20 miles from TSRC
Restricted (off peak) 65 Can’t play after 5 pm (Sun – Fri)
Trial 40 3 month membership no restrictions
Student 40 Full time course – student union card holder
Junior under 11 years 5 Under 11 years at 1 Sept 2012
Junior 11 – 18 20 Under 18 yrs at 1 Sept 2012
Guardian 40 Parents/guardians to play with their child off peak or when courts not in use
Subsidised (unemployed/low income) 50 Contact registrar for details
Social 15 Not able to use gym, saunas or courts
Social, gym & sauna 50 Not able to use courts
Life 800 None
Life couple 1400 None
Corporate Apply to Committee for details

Any queries please contact Tim Mazzucchi on 07500102213