Northumbria Summer Leagues

At the last County AGM, the suggestion of Summer Leagues was put forward, with Tynemouth one of the clubs interested in entering.

Suggestions as to the format of these leagues are as follows:
Later start – 7:30pm / 7:45pm
No post-match meals
Mixed teams – to include ladies and juniors
HIHO / PAR 15 scoring
3/4/5 person teams
Standard fixture day i.e. Wednesday
Or nominated day

It is anticipated that the leagues would start the first week in May and run until the end of August (approx 17 weeks) with teams only playing once, home or away being decided by the fixture generator.
Normal league rules to apply with nominations made as usual.

Any Tynemouth players interest in participating should sign up on the notice board, or see Colin or Eric in the club for more information.

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