Season 2014/15 Team Updates

Tynemouth is fielding eight teams in the Northumbria Leagues, four Men’s plus the Socials and three Women’s.

[table] Date, Team, H/A, Opponents, Results, Notes
16 Sep, Men’s III, A, Newbiggin II, W 5-0,
16 Spe, Ladies II, H, Northern 1B, L 0-5,
17 Sep, Men’s IV, H, Ashington 2, W 5-0,
20 Sep, Socials, H, Northern 6, W 5-0,
23 Sep, Men’s II, H, Men’s I, L 0-5, unsurprising
23 Sep, Socials, A, Ashington 2, W 5-0, top of the league!
24 Sep, Men’s III, H, Benwell Hill, W 4-1 ,
25 Sep, Ladies I, H, Northern 1A, W 4-1,
02 Oct, Men’s I, H, Sunderland I, W 4-1, Evans loses to Lumsden
02 Oct, Ladies II, A, Northumberland I, W 3-2,
06 Oct, Ladies I, A, Northern 1B,,
08 Oct, Men’s III, A, Sunderland 3,,
08 Oct, Socials, A, Dunston 2,,
09 Oct, Men’s II, A, Alnwick I,,
09 Oct, Ladies II, A, Northern 1A,,
15 Oct, Men’s I, A, Northern Reds,,
15 Oct, Men’s III, H, Eldon Leisure 2,,
15 Oct, Men’s IV, A, Concordia 2,,
16 Oct, Men’s II, A, Sunderland I,,
16 Oct, Ladies I, H, Northumberland I,,
18 Oct, Socials, H, Boldon 1,,
18 Oct, Ladies III, H, Eldon Leisure,,
21 Oct, Men’s II, H, Northern Reds..
23 Oct, Men’s I, H, Northumberland I,,
29 Oct, Men’s IV, A, Chester-le-Street 4,,