AGM 2023 Roundup

August 16, 2023

Thank you to everyone that attended the AGM last week, and put forward their ideas and suggestions about the future and direction of the Club. We taken everything onboard, with a brief summary of the points covered below.

Club Accounts:

The AGM began by acknowledging the club’s financial sustainability and the essential role it plays in maintaining the club’s operations. The decision to re-appoint Accountants for another year was made, reinforcing the commitment to sound financial management. In an effort to support the club’s ongoing initiatives, members reached a consensus to increase membership fees, with a full Senior Membership rising to £160 for the season, with fees for other categories adjusted pro-rata.

There was also a reminder that, in exceptional circumstances, the Management Committee has the power to increase court fees during the season, should any essential issues need addressing, such as unforeseen roof repair costs, a significant decline in membership renewals, diminishing reserves or rising fuel expenses.

Election of Directors:

John Liddle was elected as the President, combining this role with his current position. Geoff Smithson and Nicola Baker were welcomed as Directors, while Adam Bathgate and Matthew Wallis were co-opted onto the Board of Directors. The re-election of Dennis Knight, Anthony Worrall, Tom Allen, and Chris Wall as General Members was also confirmed.

Member Suggestions:

Throughout the meeting, members proposed a variety of creative ideas and strategies aimed at improving the club’s financial position and member experience, engaging the local community, and promoting squash participation.

Notable suggestions included:

  1. Efficient Court Heating: The introduction of an on/off switch behind the bar for court heaters will allow staff members to optimize energy usage and provide a comfortable playing environment.
  2. Member Engagement: A suggestion box and email channel were established to capture members’ ideas, fostering an environment of active participation and collaboration. Regular communications will also be going out from the club, to highlight key work carried out, good news stories and notable happenings.
  3. Transparency and Inclusion: The publication of Committee agenda and minutes, coupled with an open invitation for members to observe Committee meetings, will ensure transparency and encourage broader participation in club governance.
  4. Court Booking Flexibility: A proposal to modify the Court Booking system will enable members to book courts without heating during quieter periods of the day, enhancing court availability.
  5. Maximized Court Usage: Exploring partnerships with local schools and organizations will facilitate increased daytime court utilization, fostering a vibrant and inclusive squash community.
  6. Youth Engagement: Initiatives to boost junior participation in squash will inspire the next generation of players and promote a lifelong love for the sport.
  7. Sustainable Upgrades: The potential integration of solar panels during roof replacement showcases the club’s commitment to sustainable practices and energy efficiency.
  8. Convenient Payment: Introducing Direct Debit membership payments on a rolling basis offers greater convenience and flexibility to members.

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone that attended the AGM, and put forward their thoughts and suggestions with passion and purpose. It is hoped that the reasoning behind the difficult financial recommendations made by the committee was understood, with the long term future of the Club the driving factor in these decisions. We’ve taken your suggestions onboard, and will keep you updated throughout the season with how we’re progressing with researching their feasibility and implementing them.

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